It is very important to deal with the rubbish in cities. Rubbish must be thrown away or reused properly. Or it may cause a lot of problems. It may pollute the air and water. People may get ill when they breathe the polluted air or drink the polluted water.

  Our city has started to face the problem. Some rubbish is sorted and sent to a certain place .Waste gas is cleaned before it goes into the air. Waste water is also cleaned before it is poured into rivers.

  People should be prevented from throwing rubbish everywhere. We should try our best to take care of our environment and fight against pollution.


  As time goes by, man is making the earth sick. People cut down too many trees and leave rubbish everywhere. Factories let out their waste without doing anying to it . This has cause some serious problems. Such as the land is sandy, the river is dirty, the air is less clean, even the temperature of the earth is rising. What should we do to save the earth ? My suggestion is that we should plant more trees, put rubbish into dusbins and stop factories pouring waste directly into the air or rivers. In all, we have only one earth, we should do our best to protect it, or we will regret.


  With the development of science and technology,global warming is becoming the focus of human beings.Some measures should be taken to protect our planet.

  To begin with,it's essential to save energy because of limited natural resources.For instance,turn off water tap after washing hands and turn off lights immediately if there is no person in the room.What's more,we'd better go out on foot or by bike,instead of using vehicles in order to reduce carbon emission,which is also good to our health.Besides,we are supposed to reduce waste,and reuse what we can be recycled.Plus,no littering and planting more trees are good ways to beautify our environment.

  In a ward,the earth is our only home.we should take immediate action to protect it.Whatever you do,no matter how small itis,counts!